What is the best way to measure for and then locate a great support bra?

2 Answers

  1. Kelly Yamauchi wrote on :

    The best, most accurate measurement should be taken by a trained bra fitter. Nordstrom is well known for having highly trained fitters. You can’t do this yourself. Great support bras are not that difficult to find. The fit is everything, bras need to be tried on before purchased–you simply cannot assume that every 34 C is going to fit the same way. Remember, support doesn’t have to mean underwire, many times for larger breasted women, underwires are not as supportive as bras that provide support through fabric panels.

  2. Paula Fogle wrote on :

    Nordstrom has pretty good bra fitters. Chantal and Wacoal are two good bras for big busted women.

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