I saw some beautiful handmade jewelry on etsy.com. The store name was 1andonlydesigns. Has anyone bought from this online store. I would like to know more about them.

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7 Answers

  1. linda caricofe wrote on :

    I have shops on line, and I also help shop owners improve their one line business via my videos.
    Although I do not have a shop on etsy, I know many of the sellers there. They are WONDERFUL.
    Another site is Ruby Lane and Ruby Plaza, which is where I have my shops.
    These 3 sites are secure trust worthy sites.
    The shop owners on these sites work very hard to present their items the very best way possible and go the extra mile to please.
    I highly recommend Ruby Lane, Ruby Plaza, and also etsy for all types of jewelry and more.
    Best wishes,
    Linda Caricofe

  2. Liz McCutcheon wrote on :

    two ladies make this jewelry – therefore really is only a 1l of a kind design. Made out of good findings and semi-precious stones most of the time. I understand they will be adding lots more to their store. Have seen the pieces – they are really pretty.

    • Della McIntyre wrote on :

      Can’t wait to see what else they have. Thank you for the information. I’ll probably order from them.

  3. Loraine Alcorn wrote on :

    I have a good friend who sells her handcrafted jewelry on this site I know people who have bought from them ,Ive never heard anything bad about it but my jewelry budget is nonexistent so I have not yet made a purchase

    • Della McIntyre wrote on :

      I hit the wrong button, I do think your answer was helpful. I’m really interested in a specific set from 1andonlydesigns. Maybe your friend knows about them.

  4. Jo Cavins wrote on :

    I haven’t bought from this vendor, but I just made my first jewelry from another Etsy partner and it’s just beautiful (and came with a handwritten thank-you note).

    • Della McIntyre wrote on :

      That you for the information on your friend. I’m really interested in a certain necklace and earring set at 1andonlydesigns. Mybe your friend has heard of them.

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