Hello Ladies. I have been using Ester Lauder for several years and I like it but it is so expensive, any suggestions as to what works just the same, or what someone else uses and really likes. Tks

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  1. Kari Solyntjes wrote on :

    My hesitation about buying skin products from places like TJ Maxx etc is how old are they? If you like Estee Lauder products, but not the price, check out the skin care lines at Kohl’s department stores or Kohl’s online. Their beauty products are owned by Estee Lauder and you can get the same quality at a better price.

  2. Donna Hart wrote on :

    If you have a TJMaxx or Marshalls in your area, you will find that they have a lot of Estee Lauder at really great prices, MUCH less than the department stores! Good luck!

  3. Loraine Alcorn wrote on :

    I also use to use a lot of Estee Lauder but its also out of my budget now .I switched to Olay products specifically the total effects line . you can get a complete full sized kit with day and night creams and cleanser for around 35.00 on amazon . This stuff is fantastic and I use it all the time .

    • Brenda Bishop wrote on :

      How’s it differ from the Regenerist line?

    • Loraine Alcorn wrote on :

      I thought that the regenerist line was more drying for me ,I had been using it but found it started to dry out my skin and I was seeing those hash mark lines appear under my eyes where my cheek starts so I stopped using it and went to the total effects . That being said my skin is dry to start with so that my be why it was more drying for me and not for others

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