I am 64 …the hair on my face peach fuzz on cheeks whiskers on chin and mustache…what to do about it?

0 Answers

  1. Chris Chapman wrote on :

    I did laser hair removal, one treatment on upper lip, two on chin. Took advantage of special offers for new clients at two different medical spas. Quick, painless, effective. Just had the second one done on my chin, may go back for one more, but love not having to worry about shaving or plucking!

  2. Cynthia Dixon wrote on :

    If I’m in the shower, I use a razor – just as I do under my arms. If I’m putting on my makeup & I see some fuzzies, I grab the little electric shaver & give it a once over. Contrary to popular belief, your hair does NOT grow back thicker & darker! Also, get a GOOD pair of tweezers for the occasional stray chin hair.

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