When I lay down to sleep my upper legs hurt me terribly. The pain is in the front quad and it doesn’t seem to matter how I sleep, on my side or back, they just hurt. Any suggestions? Peg

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  1. Danielle Kramer wrote on :

    This is unlikely. Vitamin D can decrease bone pain and joint aches. But we recommend 1,000iu to 2000iu daily of vitamin D3 unless you are deficient and should be taking prescription only doses of vitamin D. Super therapeutic (or high) doses of vitamin D are not recommended.

  2. Danielle Kramer wrote on :

    Leg and thigh pain at night can be caused by muscle, joint or bone pain. Rarely blot clots, restless leg syndrome and medications can cause this side effect. Regular low impact exercise is good for overall cardiovascular and bone health. Be sure to review your medications with your doctor, get routine blood tests and get your vitamin D level checked. You can find more detailed health information on the Speaking of Women’s Health website at http://speakingofwomenshealth.com/health_library/listing/category/health_information/ I encourage you to subscribe to our monthly email newsletter where I share up to date health information, recipes and more http://www.fathompbm.com/SpeakingofWomensHealth/SWH-FOF.html

    • recordsclerk wrote on :

      I have been taking 10,000 IU of vitamin D3, could this have caused the pain?

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