My family and I are planning a trip to Chicago this summer, we live in Minneapolis, Mn. I am looking for family friendly hotels near Michigan Ave or the Navy Pier in Chicago. Any suggestions? gail

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  1. Barb Steadman wrote on :

    Almost any hotel around Michigan Avenue is family friendly. All summer long, there are families visiting Chicago. Some of the hotels are fairly expensive around the Magnificent Mile. There’s a lovely boutique hotel called The Silversmith that’s located by Millennium Park. It’s sometimes overlooked, but a great hotel at good prices. TripAdvisor is a great place to look for reviews on hotels and restaurants. P.S. I love Minneapolis/St Paul! Visit there every chance I get!

    • gailb wrote on :

      Thanks for the information. I just recently joined, FOF and love every bit of it.

    • Barb Steadman wrote on :

      Me too! I think this forum is really great!!

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