i am going to London, Ireland and Scotland the middle of may can someone tell me what kind of clothes i should carry with me

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  1. Marie Galterio wrote on :

    The weather in May can be cool or warmish so I would recommend dressing in layers. Pack mix and match clothes that are “casual smart” and make certain to have comfortable shoes. A raincoat, umbrella and sweater are ” musts” as May can be a rainy month. I would include a lightweight turtleneck which can be worn under a sweater or jacket and a colorful scarf to dress up an outfit as well as to provide warmth for the neck, should that be necessary. Have a wonderful trip!!

  2. Jeanna Hofmeister wrote on :

    I would suggest that you carry layers. Micro fleece and quick dry nylon are a travel treasure and some of my favorite travel pants are quick dry nylon. Better yet, you can just wash and rinse in the sink or tub, hang them in the shower and for the most part they’ll dry wrinkle free and keep you reasonably warm or cool depending on the weather. Shorts are not likely to be called for unless you’ve got legs that look great in goosebumps! It could be glorious and sunny or pouring rain in that part of the world, and you just never know which. I’ve exerienced both at that time of year. Also, be sure to pack a little umbrella. You’ll likely need it. Regardless, have a blast!!

  3. Karen Canning-Millar wrote on :

    I second that mm.travel@juno.com. Ideal answer!

  4. Alexis Marnel wrote on :

    I agree casual – but if you are in London and you are going to do some business I would pack casual chic. Of course raincoat, umbrella and some funky rainboots would be great. Hiking boots or sturdy walking shoes for Scotland and Ireland. Let me know if its all pleasure or busines and I can give you more examples – I am partial to the travel clothes at chico’s or soft surroundings.

  5. Marcia Miller wrote on :

    Layering will be the best plan. And pack as little as possible. Half as many clothes and twice as much money should be your mantra.
    You will want a raincoat and a sweater then some light t-shirt weight tops to go under the sweater. I just returned from Paris where they are wearing lots of leggings and boots. I am not sure about your age or what you will be doing there. Be sure your shoes are comfortable and take a hat for occasional rain showers. A couple pairs of basic bottoms and a few tops that all coordinate should have you good to go.

  6. Barb Steadman wrote on :

    You can go casual (not jeans), but be prepared to layer. A sweater or light jacket is always necessary.

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