What is the best way to lose weight during menopause?

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  1. Ellen Sanford wrote on :

    I have tried the 17 Day Diet from Dr. Moreno. I lost 6 pounds in 17 days. I felt really good the whole time. You can buy the book online for around $15. There are also 3 other 17 Day steps for after the initial 17. Good Luck. I am going to use ths one for a long time and whenever I have a special event coming up.

  2. Staness Jonekos wrote on :

    We often gain weight in our 40s and 50s, and many attribute this gain to menopause. Midlife weight gain appears to be mostly related to aging and lifestyle, but menopause also contributes to the problem. With busy lifestyles many of us don’t have time for exercise, over consume food and increase our alcohol intake. It is important to reduce calorie intake after midlife because less energy is expended. Whether weight gain is linked to menopause itself and/or age, the important thing is that studies shows that weight gain around menopause years can be prevented by exercise and diet—by minimizing fat gain and maintaining muscle, thereby reducing body size and burning more calories.

    I have personally found that increasing lean protein, decreasing high-glycemic carbs, and consuming healthy fats can help you find your ideal weight. As well as, eating 5-6 mini meals a days to kick up your metabolism and prevent sugar crashes. Make time for at least 30 minutes of activity most days of the week — walking, yoga, strength training, swimming, gardening — to maintain a healthy weight. If you are trying to lose weight aim for 45-50 minutes of exercise at least 5 days a week. A good routine: 30 minutes of cardio and 20-25 minutes of strength training alternating upper or lower body muscle groups. Make sure you discuss your plan with your healthcare provider, and respect any injuries.

    It takes more work to maintain a healthy weight after 40, but it is the perfect time to create new habits that will fuel a healthy lifestyle.

    • glamourgirljoanne wrote on :

      I have totally given up all alcohol (I also get migraine headaches from it since starting menopause), I gave up sweets during Lent (that’s 6 weeks!), I eat healthy and exercise and still NOTHING! I am doing everything that I am supposed to do yet I can’t lose an ounce.

    • Staness Jonekos wrote on :

      You may benefit from the Menopause Makeover program, check out a few of my latest testimonials:


      Some of these ladies had similar struggles with the same complaints and frustrations. It can be challenging to find your ideal weight during menopause, but with a plan and support it is possible.

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