What is the best way for a first time writer to publish historical fiction? I realize the need for excellent marketing and advertisement which a known publisher could hopefully provide.

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  1. MARGARIDA BREI wrote on :

    Thanks Marchesa for replying to my question. I have actually published my first novel “My Edelweiss Boys” on ebooks.It was technogically challenging as you say. As downloading the book and cover was an unique experience, I did experience some frustrations. For example I thought the book was available on Amazon, whereas in fact I had not downloaded it properly. So far my sales have been border line pathetic. I am interested to know how you are networking your electronic book.

  2. Cheery1 wrote on :

    I would find an agent first before approaching a publisher without one. They know they ropes and could help you avoid a lot of frustration.

  3. Menopause Marchesa wrote on :

    Have to disagree with you there Mabrei – known publishers do damn little these days for authors these days. I’ve been published five times the traditional way (all cookbooks) and I recently self-published my first novel and the experience has been amazing. The book is selling really well (its called “Menopause in Manhattan”) as an e-book, terrific in the bookstores here in Israel where I live (its in English) and I just love everything about this independent publishing route.

    I’d strongly recommend you go that route – its a steep learning curve but so rewarding. If the book is good enough to sell – you’ll keep most of the profits.

    Good luck! Let me know how it goes.

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