I always cook yummy and nutritionally balanced meals, buy organic, and never, ever have anything with hydrogenated oils in our home.
My problem is at night I crave snacks…. what do you suggest?

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  1. Ann Rosenstein wrote on :

    Simple – eat good healthy snacks of reasonable size at night! Really! We should all eat more reasonable sized portions at our meals and eat more like 5 or 6 times a day. So this nighttime snack will actually be a small “meal.” I eat dinner at about 9 pm almost every day because I teach fitness classes at night.
    It looks as though you understand what a healthy snack is so go ahead and have one! Why worry? Concerned about too many calories? Trying to lose weight? Just watch your portion size and you should be fine. If you are really concerned about taking in too many calories, be sure and journal your total consumption during the day so you know for sure. If you need to adjust, do it by controlling your portion sizes not by cutting out your late night “meal.”
    Another thought is to substitute the behavior with something else such as reading, or knitting, or if it is still light out, by taking a walk. However a late “meal/snack” shouldn’t be a problem as long as you aren’t eating junk and you aren’t gaining weight.

  2. Tina Kuhlman wrote on :

    I love to take the Light -n- Lively Yogurts, particularly the dessert type flavors, & freeze them. Then at night when I get that snack urge, they’re fat free, calcium loaded, and give me the sensation of ice cream! The pineapple coconut, strawberry cheesecake, lemon chiffon, well, just about any of them are delish! Enjoy!

  3. Helen Kenney-Poore wrote on :

    Knowing this is your weakness, plan in advance to have healthy snacks ready to grab. Celery with some peanut butter, a mixed dried fruit combo, 2 homemade ginger cookies, popcorn, almonds….anything that will cure your craving, whether it is for sweets or salty food. If you want to stop eating snacks at night all together, perhaps look at what you are doing when your craving starts. Is watching tv triggering a snack attack? If so, change your evening routine and see if that helps.

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