Any suggestions for very small busted women? Bras are not needed but required for looks.

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  1. Kelly Yamauchi wrote on :

    You have a lot of options if you don’t want support but I don’t know how to address the straps. I did some quick checking and it looks like you would be a good candidate for what they call a “sleep bra”. It comes down a bit on the torso, has softer straps and is designed to sleep in. Have you considered adhesive bras? Check out http://www.bringitup.com. You are a perfect candidate for a Smooth and Lift or Breast Shaper adhesive bra. It would handle the strap issue because there aren’t any straps, they are super comfortable. I hesitate to tout Bring It Up because I am their VP of Business Dev., but in your case, they are a perfect solution. They’re reusable, comfortable, cover the nipple and don’t add size. Just a thought. Check out Cosabella Sleep Bra too, really pretty and looks super comfortable. Hope I helped a little!

  2. Kelly Yamauchi wrote on :

    I guess I need to know more to answer. Do you want to add size? Do you like wearing a bra or do you prefer to go braless? Is nipple protrusion/modesty an issue? There are loads of options for small breasted women…you can wear all the pretty, lacy, dainty bras that I WISH I COULD WEAR!!! LOL. Let me know about adding size, because it makes a difference if you want to look bigger or if you are happy with “your girls” just the way they are!

    • Rebecca Hively wrote on :

      Quite happy as I am! I am tall (5’8″) and find the standard elasticized straps pull too much so I end up having to replace them all with cotton straps that I can size properly. Plus I need a very soft bit of padding as my girls aren’t exactly the same (which I realize is quite normal). While I always go braless at home, I simply cannot in my line of work or at church. (prudish eh?) lol

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