Are there any foods that help the symptoms(ie: hot flashes, sleep, weight gain) of menopause?

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  1. Staness Jonekos wrote on :

    A healthy lifestyle is so important during the menopause transition to maintain a healthy weight, and can often help manage mild to moderate menopause symptoms.

    There are a number of food choices you can make for specific menopause symptoms, but your question is broad, so a few eating tips that can help manage symptoms overall:

    1. Consume lean proteins (chicken, turkey, egg whites, soy – tofu, edamame – fish, low fat cottage cheese, low fat string cheese, Fage 2%).
    2. Eat low to medium glycemic carbs (whole wheat bread, brown rice, yams, veggies, fruits). Managing your glycemic index can make a drastic difference in your menopause symptoms.
    3. Eat real foods, cut back on processed foods.
    4. No more than one alcoholic beverage per day (red wine is the best choice).
    5. Only one cup of coffee per day, enjoy herbal teas.
    6. Cut back on salt consumption.
    7. Eat small mini meals every 4 hours to avoid sugar crashes, and food cravings.
    8. Drink water
    9. Fiber (apples, oatmeal, blueberries, celery, tomatoes) helps battle against that midsection belly fat and leaves you feeling full longer, as well as keep your blood sugar stable and can help reduce heart disease and diabetes.
    10. Consume healthy fats (olive oil)

    Always eat within an hour of waking, eat 3 meals and 2-3 snacks per day, get plenty of sleep, watch those portion sizes, travel with a snack pack so you are not tempted by fast food, and aim to exercise most days of the week (at least 30 minutes, but up to an hour is great if you have the time).

    Taking Omega-3 EPA, flaxseed oil, calcium with vitamin D are supplements you may wish to discuss with your health provider. Many women benefit from a daily multi-vitamin with minerals during perimenopause. It takes making healthy food choices, doing daily exercises and working closely with your practitioner to manage menopause.

  2. glamourgirljoanne wrote on :

    I was just at the gyno yesterday and she recommended that I take vitamin B6, flaxseed oil (pill) and primrose evening oil (pill). Look them up and see the benefits. She recommended that I stop my sugar and salt intake and no coffee or tea. I am also going tomorrow for a full body exam – hopefully, they will tell me even more.

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