I am a healthy, happy 65. I eat well:organic, mostly whole grains, minimal sugar. I go to the gym regularly but I cannot lose the 8 lbs that makes my usual size 12 look and feel better. What to do?

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  1. Staness Jonekos wrote on :

    Ahhhh, I feel your frustration! Congrats on eating well and exercising. After extensive research I found the winning formula and wrote “The Menopause Makeover” with Dr. Wendy Klein to share it with the world.

    When and what you eat are critical to losing those final stubborn pounds. Also, many who enjoy a healthy organic lifestyle often consume more calories. It is just crazy that processed food often has fewer calories, grrrrr. I am all about eating REAL foods, and it appears you are fully committed to a healthy lifestyle too.

    A few tips to lose those final 8 pounds:

    1. Spend the next two weeks and count calories, look at every label. Figure out how many calories you are currently consuming and cut 500 a day to lose one pound a week. Don’t go below 1200 calories a day. I have free health calculators on my website to help you with calculations:


    2. Watch your portion sizes, eating too much healthy food can keep you from losing weight (too many nuts or too much hummus can pack on the pounds)
    3. Eat within one hour of waking, then every 4 hours to kick up that metabolism.
    4. Eat low to medium glycemic carbs (I suspect you are already doing perfectly in this area), so keep up the good work.
    5. Eat lean protein with every meal to kick start your metabolism (thermic effect). There are many non-meat choices available: low fat cottage cheese, low fat string cheese, eggs, tofu (soy).
    6. Keep a food diary. Free downloads at the above site.
    7. Change up your exercise routine at the gym. Try a new class, or cardio machine. Record your exercise and calories burned in your food diary.
    8. Cut alcohol out of your diet the next 6 weeks.

    It is possible to lose those final pounds, check out a few ladies who recently did The Menopause Makeover plan:


    You skin and eyes are bright, a reflection of a healthy lifestyle. A few tweaks and you can say goodbye to those final pounds. Keep us posted.

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