When you have a thyroid condition and have hair loss, what is the best hair length/style to cover the thin spots? I’m sure I am not the only one that has visible hair loss from her thyroid.

4 Answers

  1. Helene Wollin wrote on :

    Mary Beth — I have had hypothyroidism for about 15 years and I can tell you this: taking evening primrose oil capsules works.

  2. Elline Surianello wrote on :

    alot depends on how much it bothers you, and will it get worse. applying a powder to your scalp will hide some of it.

  3. Helen Kenney-Poore wrote on :

    Hi Mary Beth
    I have battled thyroid disease for the last 30 years…from overactive, to under-active, to just plain stalled. I have very thick hair, but my thyroid has caused my hair to thin excessively right on top where I part it. I found that having some layers put in, along with the right highlighting has helped a lot. Also, I’m in love with a hair company called Living Proof and their thickening line is amazing! Hope this helps.

  4. Jan Heller wrote on :

    I gave up trying and buy wigs from Paulayoung.com. For less than $50 you can have great hair all of the time!

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