What’s up with all the “new” salts I see at the grocery stores??? Pink salt, smoked salt…dead sea salt…are they worth the money?

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  1. Teri Newman wrote on :

    They are not even remotely worth the money and in some cases can have an adverse effect. Morton Iodized or Kosher salt is all you need.

  2. zeldie stuart wrote on :

    The New York Times Dining section just had an article about salts. It was on the cover of that section. Google NYT/Dining/Salt April 27, 2011. It was very informative. You will find all your answers there.

  3. Joan Ross wrote on :

    My favorite salt is Kosher salt for cooking /canning and some sea salt grinders if I use it for the table. I have a few varieties of sea salts,
    Sea salts are labeled as natural, no additives ( anti caking etc, no iodide ) and come in a variety of textures ( fine, coarse etc ) and of course colors and flavors ( intensity of saltiness ). I do have a smokey flavored sea salt I like to use in BBQ rubs and certain dishes.

    Overall, it is a personal choice. If a particular salt adds something special to your recipes, go for it. I also like to package up the salt as gifts along with a recipe a may use it in.

  4. Carolyn Wispe Burns wrote on :

    I only use them sparingly to add a little spark to finish a dish. If you can go to a spice store you can buy small quantities that are worth their value. I currently have a Himalayan Pink , a smokey Black, and a lovely lime. These are finishing salts and can be too salty for use in a dish where the additional flavor will just vanish.

  5. Margo Taylor wrote on :

    As mommyofanangel38 wrote these salts each has an unique flavor and texture. The only disagreement I have with her is they are for “a higher class of people you are trying to impress…”. If available, buy small quanitities of different salts and try them sprinkled on top of fish, or a salad, or on a steak, but as a finishing ingredient, instead of a cooking ingredient. Become familiar with the characteristics of each, and then you will have good sense of when you can use it. My current favorite is the Pink Himalayan salt.

  6. Annamarie Dodge wrote on :

    These salts are actually far from new, they have been around for centuries. They come from different locations, have different flavour intensities, add different uniqueness to your dishes, etc. The reason we are seeing them so readily now compared to before is thanks to such shows as the cooking channel and food network. Some of these salts are more visually pleasing and/or more palate friendly, all based on what you are making and how you wish to present it. In my opinion yes they are worth the money if you are going to have a higher class of people you are trying to impress, etc. Sometimes you will even see the salt in brick or rock form for an even fancier presentation. If you are going to just serve your family and friends I would stick to either kosher salt, sea salt or iodized salt….don’t go all out because even tho these salts are “coming out” as it were, they are still very pricey.

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