My dog has collitis and can’t eat dog food, which means I have to cook for her. Does anybody know of a good recipe that is nutricious for dogs? Does anybody knowof a good medication to help collitis

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  1. Claudia Rouge wrote on :

    I agree with bearbara. My friend fed her elderly dog cooked rice with small amounts of cooked peas and turkey or egg. Make sure to try small amounts at a time to be sure the dog can tolerate it.

  2. Barbara Phelps wrote on :

    Google the words “Colitis food for dogs” and see what you come up with. Most dogs can eat rice/chicken or lamb (cooked) and some veggies cooked soft (carrots, beans, squash) you can make big batches and freeze them to serve later on.

    chicken/rice/eggs seem to be the common thing these diets reccomend.

    good luck and great job for you to want to tackle your pets special needs!

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