what is a good colorful bush that blooms all summer long? i like lots of color and a mixture of bushes that would cover from spring to fall or more would be helpful!

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  1. Kylee Baumle wrote on :

    I’m in zone 5b in Ohio, and there aren’t many shrubs that bloom all summer long, except for:

    ~ Hydrangeas that bloom on both old and new wood. (This is important to note, because traditional hydrangeas bloom in spring, on old wood.) My best bloomers are those in the Endless Summer series: Bailmer (the original), Blushing Bride, Twist-n-Shout and the new one, BellaAnna.

    ~Butterfly bush. As you might guess, the butterflies LOVE this one. It comes in several shades of purple, pink, white, and yellow.

    ~ Bloomerang lilac. This is a new introduction and reblooms throughout the season.

  2. drjosie wrote on :

    While I am a dermatology GURU, I initially read this question as “BLUSH”, HA!
    I do love to garden as well, so my 2 cents worth is “Forever and Ever Hydrangea’s” .
    Depending on the soil, you will have absolutely GORGEOUS GIANT blossoms all summer long!
    But what do I know? Ask me an Anti-aging question and I will be ALL OVER THAT!

  3. Greenwoman wrote on :

    Have you considered using tropicals for continuous summer color? Tropic hibiscus come in an assortment of neon bright colors. Some of the brilliant tropical vines can be trained up supports to add interest in your landscape. And, the great thing is that they can be kept in pots to bring indoors in the winter. Pam

    • Laura Lanza wrote on :

      I’m not sure I want to bring anything in, so much in the house now but I’ll think about it. Thanks

  4. Helene Wollin wrote on :

    Not knowing where you live or what your growing conditions are, I’d like to suggest two things: First, call up your local County Cooperative extension and ask for the master gardeners and second, you might want to consider the new ‘summer blooming’ azaleas. You’ll get more than one blast that way. Also, there are a lot of very hardy roses out there that are more ever-blooming – you might ask your local Coop. Ext. for suggestions in that area.

    • Laura Lanza wrote on :

      I’m in the northeast, PA to be exact. I’m really just learning lol. Thanks for the information. I do have azaleas (bought 5 at the same kind 2 different colors) purple blooms bloom first and a couple weeks later the red blooms. I didn’t even know that! I’ll have to check the on the summer blooming one, that would be great!

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