Hi! Thank you for the opportunity to ask my hair related question. Two years ago I had a bad reaction to hair color. The doctor suggested trying a color that has no fragrance. Do you have any ideas on a “new product” that might work for me . I decided not to go with henna.
Thank you so much!

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  1. Susan Hersh wrote on :

    Color by Robert Craig was developed without peroxide, ammonia, alcohol, perfume or resorcinol that can wear away hair protein. This product only has 11 chemicals in the formula & is marketed as a chemical free hair dye.

    Swing Hair Salon is a green business located in the East Village NYC, using product lines based on the health of their clients and staff. Swing is a clean-air oasis due to the purity of the products used, minimization of VOCs in the interior and the use of carbon-filtered air purification system.. Swing Salon’s power supply is 100% wind sourced. The Hair Salon is Green America approved and a winner of the Greenopia Distinguished Business Award a qualified eco-friendly business. It might be worth your time to drive to NYC from MD & check out this salon.

    To view beauty videos and interviews with professionals please visit:

    http://www.susanhersh.com or http://www.youtube.com/user/MeetTheExperts


    • sgibeson1@verizon.net wrote on :

      Hi Susan~Thank you so much for writing back! Your suggestion to contact Swing Salon is fantastic!!!! I’m going to give them a call this afternoon and book an appointment~~~Thank you very very much!

  2. traceybrown wrote on :

    Hi there–

    I feel your pain! After years of eying my hair, I developed an allergy to the color, not the fragrance, and I suspect that is what your reaction was to also. (Per a Clairol Doctor) There are plenty of vegetable dyes on the market which vary from drugstore brands like Garnier to more “natural” products that you can find in stores like Whole Foods.
    If you have an organic store in your area that stocks beauty products, I’m sure you will find an appropriate hair color.

    You can also find them on Amazon:

    • sgibeson1@verizon.net wrote on :

      Hi Tracey! Thank you so much for your sympathy and ideas! I think I will go over to my local Whole Foods this afternoon and check out your suggestions.
      Thanks again,

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