Can you grow a tomato plant in a pot?

3 Answers

  1. backyarder1 wrote on :

    We have some wonderful tomatoes growing in pots. Interestingly enough, we started them from tomatoes in our pantry that had gone to seed. We sliced the tomatoe and found seedlings and put them in dirt. They have produced an incredible number of tomatoes and they are the best ones we have ever tasted. We haven’t done anything special to them except water as needed.

  2. Gloria Jean Foti wrote on :

    Yes, but you really need to be watchful with the watering, not too soggy and never dry.

  3. Helene Wollin wrote on :

    Yep – go for ‘determinate’ varieties (they don’t branch out all over the place – reach a determined height and then ripen all the fruit pretty much at the same time. If you have room, I’d use a five gallon bucket filled with compost (make sure there are holes in the bottom), make sure it gets watered regularly (especially if you have it on a sunny deck). Cherry tomatoes and small plums work best with this.

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