I realize that being a doctor is a job but it is one that concerns personal issues. How can I find a physician/dentist that will treat me as a partner? Tried asking their personnel and personal references. Did not work. Cannot keep dr changing. Help

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  1. Marla H Bane wrote on :

    Are you looking for an internist? I highly recommend Dr. Mary Ellen Bluntzer. She was recommended to me by a number of people and I think she is great. She spends time with you. She returns calls. The only downsides are that since she doesn’t rush you, you may wait for your appointment because she is giving the person before you the time they need and she is out of network on insurance. But I still think she is great and she knows wonderful specialists if needed. She is a one-person office & is by Hillcrest & 635.

    I have a wonderful periodontist I use if you ever need one but I too am looking for a good dentist in the North/Far North Dallas area who doesn’t try to “oversell” you. I thought I had one but practice was sold to a dental corp & service declined & billing issues increased.

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