I’m making my first veg garden. How many of each plants should I plant? My plot is 8 x 16.. I want tomatoes, peppers, corn, melons, peas, sun flowers, squash & herbs.

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  1. Helene Wollin wrote on :

    Wow – you are enthusiastic. My two cents here – others may not agree. With that amount of space, you need to go with what pleases you the most and that you will get the best production out of. First – forget the corn – you can get better corn than you can grow at your local farmer’s market and corn takes up so much space and is so resource hungry that it’s not worth it, truly. Peas are something for the early spring – I’d put that aside for next spring and then do an early spring garden with peas, greens, broccoli, lettuces and so on – that you can finish up, take out and grow warm weather veggies in and get a two-fer garden. For where we are right now (and not knowing where you are), I’d go with two tomato plants (your choice — determinate ones won’t sprawl all over the place) which need 18″ between them. I’d get one six pack of mixed color sweet peppers. I’d substitute snap beans (I prefer Royal Burgundy, which grow purple but turn green when they’ve been cooked to the right point and you get a LOT of production for the space) for the peas – one package in a row. For squash – I don’t know if you are talking winter or summer squash. Summer squashes are crazy productive – just do two hills and choose the bush types. I don’t find melons worth the effort. And then fill in with all the herbs you can find – keep them well pinched and watered and at the end of the season before you get frost, pull up the annual ones like basil, strip off the leaves and freeze them.

    • Lisa Resnick wrote on :

      Our twpship is doing it’s 1st organic community garden. The size is a 1/2 plot. More than I needed but didn’t want to share. They are only letting gardens plant after Orientation on May 15th. I’m in north west NJ. We are still cool 40’s yesterday & today. We are a higher elevation for the state so stay cool all year. Great in summer but let’s not talk winters.. lol So I’m wondering if it’s not to late for some peas?? Am definitely going to plant Royal Burgundy! TU

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