I’ve decided to invest in a raised bed garden but I fear that I will only be growing vegetables for the rodents. Is there any humane barrier I can use or a safe ground cover that will persuade chipmunks, squirrels, opossums, etc. to stay away?

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  1. KelleyG wrote on :

    I use a blood meal as well as a blood/bone meal blend for the squirrels and cats, I think it helps with our rogue possum too. It’s a fertilizer as well so is good the plants and I find it works. Note that you do have to reapply after a series of rains in order for the smell and texture to remain. Human hair works, pet hair not so much I’ve found, however it’s good for the composter.

    There are also mixed products that just smell bad that have a blend of natural ingredients in them sold at hardware stores with the pesticides and herbicides that are very effective and granular. Again they need to be re-applied after several rains and your own pets need to be kept away. Most of these products you just gently shake out. “Critter Ridder” is one product name and there are others.

  2. Debbie Nye wrote on :

    I have used human hair around my beds, to deter pests. Your local beauty or barbaer shop would gladly give you their sweepings.

    • Glenda Steffee wrote on :

      I’ve tried using the dog’s hair which didn’t seem to deter them too much. Never thought of human hair from the beauty shop. thanks!

    • Debbie Nye wrote on :

      I have also been told to use a blood meal from the local Agway but I have not personally used it.

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