My long-haired cat coughs up furballs on a regular basis. When I’ve tried to give her mineral-oil based products, they seem to cause her to have even more furballs rather than prevent them. I’ve also tried the non-mineral-oil based products but my cat dislikes the taste of those. Any other ideas?

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  1. Dee Slagle wrote on :

    Hi AJB,
    The vet carries a product called Laxaire that is perfect for that. It’s smells like salmon and so my cat loves it. It comes in a tube and you just use a toothpaste size amount on the end of your finger to offer her or just put it on the rim of her food bowl. This is the only product I ever found that truly worked.
    Good luck.
    Dee Slagle

  2. Anne Leighton wrote on :

    DON’T give your cats any oil–not olive oil, not mineral oil. It’ll have longterm bad health effects. A little butter is okay, but talk with your vet about this. You should definitely comb your long-haired cat everyday which will get rid of some of the furballs she gives you. But, in general, hairballs are a natural part of being a cat.

  3. Joan Ross wrote on :

    when I had 3 cats, I put a little olive oil in their wet food. it seemed to help a lot. Also Dream Coat by halo brand is a nutritional oil supplement that may also help with furballs

  4. Fay Fay wrote on :

    We switched to a homeopathic vet and now use his products – he recommended putting them in the cat’s food but ours would not eat it so I got a medical syringe and put it in and give it to our cat all at once – have been doing this for over a year. Also have bought very good food with hair ball preventor in it and use it for cat treats.

  5. Lake Gal wrote on :

    I had a long haired cat for many years and she was always coughing up hairballs all over the house. I tried pet food specially formulated for hairballs, hairball treats and the ever popular hairball paste (which was always a fun routine since she hated the taste and saw the tube coming). As much as a pain it is to hear…the ONLY sure-fire way to cut down on the hacking is to stop or slow down the intake of the fur. Brushing! Did I say brushing? Especially during the shed seasons. I bought this marvelous brush at the pet shop that is made for cats (has specially designed teeth) that doesn’t hurt them but wow, does it get out all the loose fur, esp. underneath. I made it a routine every few days and she learned to tolerate it to the point of just laying there until I was done. You will be amazed the pile of hair you will get. Hope this helps.

    • Annette Brown wrote on :

      I agree. I have a de-shedding comb called the “FURminator” and it’s amazing how much fur it gets out. It definitely cuts back on the furballs but doesn’t eliminate them entirely — although it would probably help if I were more diligent about combing her more often!

  6. Edith Edith wrote on :

    A cat must cough up hairbals or pass them thru their system. You can buy hairball treats or paste. Try to find an organic product. Check the internet for available products or with your vet. I’m glad your cat is bringing up her hairballs, otherwise she could have a health problem.

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