Where are the best outdoor restaurants near 90066?

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5 Answers

  1. Carolyn Wispe Burns wrote on :

    Hi there fellow LA Westsider!! We love Tender Greens in Culver City. I think they have one in Santa Monica, too. Also in Culver City are the restaurants, Native Foods – a pretty decent veg/vegan restaurant, Kay & Daves, and K-Zo, next to Trader Joes. (these are on Culver Blvd) Old Favorites are Gaby’s, Bamboo, and Cafe Brazil on Venice. There are great restaurants in Venice – check out YELP, too. Bon Appetite!

    • catsrule9999 wrote on :

      Thanks, Neighbor! You’ve got great taste, and I’ll be sure to try the ones I don’t know: Native Foods, Kay & Daves and K-Zo!

    • Carolyn Wispe Burns wrote on :

      Just returned from the Culver City Farmers Market. A great farmers market, but we love Mar Vista, too. Anyway I ate at a newish place on Main St. – Kabab Grill – not a place I would recommend – there are some really good Indian places on the Westside. My friends think that Kay and Daves can be inconsistant. K-Zo is fancy sushi and Japanese small bites, but the quality if wonderful and the food inventive. I like my neighborhood sushi bar on Overland and Jefferson – Mashinko Sushi. No outdoor seating though. ohhhh there is a new sushi place on Washington Blvd east of Elenda, west of Overland – a teeny tiny place that is really good – take away is probably better, but there are a couple of tables – Shibuku. For a nice French brunch there is Cafe Laurent on Overland at Barman, just north of Braddock. Also La Dijonaisse on Washington in East Culver City in the Helms Building. I like to eat out locally. 🙂

    • catsrule9999 wrote on :

      I’m at the Mar Vista Market every Sunday–am I big Gloria’s fan! Haven’t tried Culver City, but I hear it’s great. Never heard of Mashinko–will try it. I go all the way to SM to Ninjin–the best salmon sushi in the world. M. Laurent used to make real French omlettes at the M .V.F. M. I also like Beacon at the Helms Building, but it’s pricey.

  2. Jaki Scarcello wrote on :

    Check out this website
    I have taken recommendations from them before and they are great
    This link takes you to their Top 10 Outdoor restaurants in LA list…good luck

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