For reliable plastic surgery, do you save a substantial sum going to Mexico or elsewhere? What is the typical savings for lower face/neck?

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  1. Maci Berkeley wrote on :

    While living in Mexico a few years ago, several of the ex-pat wives had plastic surgery done because it was so much cheaper. Unfortunately, I saw more bad results than good ones but maybe that isn’t so unusual even in the US. It certainly scared me away from fixing things!

  2. Corinne Garrett wrote on :

    If you do have plastic surgery out of country, where will you go for follow-up or if the procedure ‘goes bad’? Just a thought – unless you are close (California, Texas) and can return to the surgeon, it might not be a good move.

  3. Dianne Morris wrote on :

    I hope you find a place. t would be great if there were offshore places that were super reliable. This list of U.S. plastic surgery prices might be useful for perspective while you search http://zestnow.com/view/beauty-style/160/WhatIt-CostsFor-Beauty-From-A-Surgeon.html

  4. Linda McCoy wrote on :

    Hi Jill,
    Upper and lower eyelids, and lower lift with lipo in my neck and jowl. This was a two hour procedure, I had it done in a Lifestyle Center in Troy Michigan, I think they were the first to do the procedure. I had no issues and I healed fast, and had no post-op pain. Since this is done while you are awake, be prepared for local anesthesia injections, made bearable by an injection of something that made me happy lol. I liked the idea of not being put under general anesthesia. It’s not for everyone, so continue to do your research. Also, the doctors will consult with you at which time you can ask questions. Good luck!

  5. Linda McCoy wrote on :

    Have you looked into Lifestyle Lift? http://www.lifestylelift.com I had one a few years ago and was very pleased with the result.

    • catsrule9999 wrote on :

      Hi Lindamccoyart,
      You look terrific! May I ask what you had done? I googled Lifestyle Lift and there are quite a few horror stories about disfiguring or 0 results, post-op pain and medical incompetence. What was your experience, if you care to comment?

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