Every year I [lant packages of sunflowers. They rarely come up/ Ant idea why. I vary the type too.

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  1. Shelley Sparks wrote on :

    One thing that sunflower seeds hate is to have their root disturbed after they have been set. Try to be delicate with the shoots as they come up. If you are having trouble with germination, you should start the seeds indoors in a tray with a compost starter. That way you can control the amount of water that is being applied. The starter trays should not be overwatered.
    Hope that helps!

  2. lgbaldwin wrote on :

    A couple of possibilities…the ground is too cold-sunflowers do not like damp cold ground so the soil needs to be at least 70 degrees(outside temps should be more than that for awhile to get the soil warm. Also if they are exposed at all (after watering or heavy rainfall) the birds and other garden critters love them(the seeds)… We had a real problem with mice eating ours in the greenhouse : )
    I prefer to start my seeds in a starter tray or pot. Push the seed point down into the soil (only enough soil to cover the seeds to twice their height). Water them well. They can take up to 10-14 days to germinate. Keep them in a sunny warm place and water as needed(careful not to over water.) Cover with plastic to create a small greenhouse
    Another method is to put the seeds in a plastic bag with a very wet paper towel-they will sprout and you can then transplant.
    It sounds like you are direct sowing the seeds so maybe try them in a seed tray on your porch or if its too cold in a very sunny window first-then move to the garden. Hope you have many sunflowers this season!

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