Is there an easy way to keep an ongoing cilantro going through the summer?

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  1. Joan Ross wrote on :

    cilnatro is like parsley and other herbs-. So prevent it from flowering, going to seed and cut leaves for use in recipes etc.

  2. necoop wrote on :

    Cilantro truly does not like hot weather or direct sun. When my plants start to bolt and go to seed, I trim off flower tops frequently. I concentrate then on harvesting as many of the leaves as I can; I wash them, chop lightly, and stuff ice cube trays with the Cilantro and a little water. Freeze the cubes and remove them to storage bags (vacuum sealed is even better). It’s not the same as fresh, but still useable in salsa or guacamole, and fresh tasting even though its appearance suffers a bit. Just thaw and drain.

  3. atb4675 wrote on :

    Cilantro is a short lived plant, going to seed rather quickly once the roots reach 75 degrees consistently. Planting and mulching cilantro in the ground where it gets morning sun and afternoon shade may lengthen the plant’s life. Filtered light is the best. When the cilantro bolts trim off the flower before it goes to seed as this will send it’s energy back into the leaves for more growth. Thus, a longer life.
    With all that being said, cilantro is a short lived plant, only lasting about 8-10 weeks before it flowers. Harvest the seeds and keep a your crop going every few weeks. It is best planted in the spring and fall when the ground is cooler. You may even try growing it indoors in bright light.

    Hope you find this helpful.

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