I am using a cane (& walking slow) due to a bout of tendonitis. In past trips to Europe, I’ve done tons of walking. Many small towns don’t even have parking in them; you park on the outskirts and walk. What European destination would most friendly to an ambulatorily challenged visitor right now.

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  1. aztrails wrote on :

    This is a tough issue as most of Europe was built on cobblestones with lots of stairs. However, I would have to say, perhaps London would be a good consideration. They have a great transit system to help limit some of the walking and lots of cafes and places where you can sit and rest between stops. Another consideration might be Barcelona. They have a good Hop On Hop Off bus and if you confine your stay to the Ramblas and Gothic area, you can wander at your leisure with lots of Tappas Bars and cafes to rest at along the way. Otherwise, find a beach area you like and hunker down where you have everything close by and are willing to stay put while you recouperate.

    • Mildred Hayden wrote on :

      Barcelona, hmmmmmmm. I’ve always wanated to see Goudi’s buildings and the park. Thanks so much.

    • aztrails wrote on :

      My pleasure. I was there a couple of years ago and really enjoyed. If you need any help planning, just contact me. Thanks

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