When you travel to a foreign country how do you know your antique purchase is authentic?

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  1. Cathy Wood wrote on :

    First, remember to make sure it’s legal to take or ship the item you’re interested in from the country. If it is authentic, it could be valuable and may be on that country’s list of items that cannot leave the country. Check the country’s website for a list of prohibited items. Second, if you’re investing a sizable amount of money, have your item authenticated by an authorized agent or antiques dealer — check with an international bank, an American Express office or the U.S. embassy for recommendations and sources. Finally, remember the adage that’s applicable all over the world: If it’s too good a deal to be true, than it probably isn’t!

  2. karen spector wrote on :

    thanks for the answer. sometimes foreign countries have reproductions that look really good.

  3. mary parks wrote on :

    Depending upon what the purchase is you would look for the same details as you would in the United States such as the stamps on china, pottery etc. But remember that if you love a piece you are getting for yourself instead of for resale that is the most important thing.

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