Help! I always tend to buy black or white. How do i start incorporating some colors now that spring is here?

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  1. jill@jillkirshcolor.com wrote on :

    Hey Lorebee! We all so love the black & white (especially the black!) but there’s a whole world of shades way beyond that – especially this spring and I’m thrilled that you want to start playing with some color!! Your hair seems to be a warm brown on my computer, so keep your eye out for the peaches, teals, tomato reds, champagne whites, salmony pinks, & avocado greens for everything from tees and shorts to party dresses & stilettos! Speaking of heels, metallics are huge right now and they’re a fun way to add some sparkle for spring and summer. The best metallics for your coloring would be bronze, copper and gold. A great strappy metallic sandal would be fab and then paint your toes with a persimmon polish!
    Let me know if your hair color is a dark cool brunette and I’ll give you some tips that work for that hair color as the ones above are specific to gals with warm brown and red locks. You can checkout my interactive website at http://www.JillKirshColor.com for color tips on clothing along with the best shades of makeup for the eyes, cheeks & lips.
    Welcome to the world of COLOR!!!

    • Lorebee wrote on :

      Jill, thank you for these suggestions. And i LOVE metallic accessories. I just checked out your website and it’s great. In fact, i have to run now, but i’m going to go back to it tomorrow and work on my colors! Thank you so much.

  2. PattyBuccellato wrote on :

    “Yay” for you, Lorebee! Color is the quickest route to infusing energy and freshness to your look. Ultimately, your entire wardrobe can reflect your “own personal rainbow” of hues that flatter your skin tone, hair, and eyes. Your skin appears fair, from your thumbnail image, and your hair with red tones. (Let me know if the photo or my monitor hasn’t represented your coloring accurately.) If your current hair color reflects it’s original hue, naturally relating to your skin tone, then begin to incorporate clear and/or warm tones like honeysuckle, kiwi, or aqua.

    With this spring’s hottest “color” (I use that term loosely!) being “nude,” invest in a smart sheath in that neutral. You can accessorize with feature-flattering colors in a bright scarf around your neckline (like this one in Green Gables: http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/collection-xiix-ikat-birds-beaded-fringe-scarf/3162086?origin=category&resultback=3030)
    The clear, warm color surrounding your face brightens and lends a healthy, vibrant glow that black and white won’t offer you. (Be sure to coordinate your lip and cheek colors to achieve yummy harmony.) That same scarf can lend pizazz to your basic, solid b&w pieces, too!

    Meanwhile, for small purchases to brighten things up, consider shoes or a handbag for a splash of color: http://www1.macys.com/catalog/product/index.ognc?ID=532863&CategoryID=46013&LinkType=#fn=sp=2&spc=220

    Have fun!

    • Lorebee wrote on :

      Thank you Patty. I’m now very motivated to go shopping and start incorporating small items for some color.

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