I have business acquaintances who claim that they have inside secrets on how to get upgraded for free. I’m a frequent flyer and I have yet to figure it out. Of course, these “friends” don’t want to divulge their secrets.

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  1. Marcia Miller wrote on :

    A higher level of frequent flyer miles will get you preferential treatment. And even then all the stars need to align before it happens.

  2. Alexis Marnel wrote on :

    I call first to see what can be done..and if that doesn’t work, I get to the airport earlier and speak to a manager and ask how “we can work together to make something positive happen”

  3. Mary Jo Manzanares wrote on :

    There is a pecking order for upgrades based on Frequent Flyer status. That’s pretty hard to get around. If there are any seats left after all those upgrades are taken care of (and that is very rare), an agent MAY be able to upgrade someone at their discretion. However, many airlines do not allow discretionary upgrades and agents may not be wiling to risk disciplinary action. There are NO secret insider tips – I’m an insider and I can say this with certainty – so it’s either an urban myth or they are talking about manipulating their FF status and miles.

  4. Patricia Shannon wrote on :

    Never heard of basic economy fliers being upgraded for free. I have occasionally been upgraded with cars or rooms, but its purely by chance or availability.

  5. mary keselowsky wrote on :

    I believe that upgrading is pretty automated these days. There are so many frequent flyers with their assigned pecking order. I’ve heard of some techniques, but they are usually risky and not worth recommending.

  6. Lisa C. wrote on :

    Just remember, all 1K flyers get upgrades “for free,” automatically. The rest of us usually have to use our frequent flyer miles or our certificates. To ensure your best chance of getting that upgrade, reserve early, pay a higher economy class fare, dress well, and be supremely polite and respectful to the desk personnel at the airport:).

  7. Wendy VanHatten wrote on :

    I’m not sure what they consider upgraded or how often it happens for them. The times I have been upgraded for free are when I politely ask if there are any up-grades available. If I am told yes and it costs this much, I politely decline. On occasion I have then been put on a “waiting list” and have received a free up-grade. Sometimes you can be upgraded by using your frequent flier points. You pay for the coach ticket and get moved to first class by using a bunch of points. On long flights it would be worth it.

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