What is the best way to prevent leakage from ones “products” which are in your checked-in luggage

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  1. Ellen Falkenberry wrote on :

    Tape the lids/tops of containers with sturdy tape and put all leakables in ziplocs.

  2. Dralene "Red" Hughes wrote on :

    I always use a ziplock bag – place any and all items that could leak inside of this when traveling. I also take a larger one in case I ever have any wet items to travel home with (swimsuits, etc…) to nothing effects the other items in the suitcase. And if you have a separate compartment in your suitcase to place “items that may leak or are wet” I would place these ziplock bagged items in there also – double safe

  3. lucy@whereonearthtravel.com wrote on :

    I double bag everything like suntan lotion, hairspray, and shampoo in TWO ziplocked bags. Then I place them ON THE OUTSIDE OR IN A SIDE POCKET of a suitcase. I don’t court disaster by traveling with red wine or olive oil in a suitcase–at least not most of the time!

  4. Alexis Marnel wrote on :

    good old fashioned zip lock bags I use the freezer ones. I also insure that I buy smaller ones for products like shampoos, or things that could leak separately from the others. Then I pack an extra box of them for the trip home in case I need them.

  5. Tamara Daney wrote on :

    Enter answer here …I always use a zip lock bag.

  6. Tannis Kobrinsky wrote on :

    Yep. Zip locks work and great for security visibility.

  7. Marcia Robinson wrote on :

    Plastic baggies are great and I never pack anything that might leak. Those items are always in my carry-on bag or I take an extremely large handbag.

  8. Marcia Miller wrote on :

    Check out http://www.easytravelerinc.com. The site is not flashy but I SWEAR by the product. The tubes DO NOT LEAK and the fill system is easy and effective. WELL worth the cost. I have traveled all over the world with them and not a leak. They are light too and you can see what is in them.

  9. Wendy VanHatten wrote on :

    I’m not sure you can completely prevent leakage, especially on some containers. I always pack my containers inside zipped bags. If they do leak, it’s fairly controlled. And I always pack several of the zipped bags. They take up almost no room and come in so handy!

  10. gerdi scheffler wrote on :

    I can only chime in with ziploc. Be sure to take extras for the return trip.
    Plastic bags from the grocery store work great for bigger bottles.

  11. Beverley@travel-bee.com wrote on :

    I use Ziploc bags when I travel they seem to work quite well and they are affordable.

  12. Patricia Shannon wrote on :

    Least expensive: ziplock plastic bag inside a ziplock plastic bag. More expensive: professional “keep it dry” bags available from travel companies or out-of-doors and camera retailers.

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