My daughter and I are going to Alaska this fall…..with the cost of baggage at airlines, is anything we should remember to take for this area?

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  1. Kim Kline wrote on :

    Comfort, comfort and more comfort. Layering is important for Alaska. Also it depends on what part of Alaska you are visiting. Southeastern can be rainy… So can central that time of year so plan for a lightweight rain jacket. A couple of years ago I took a ten day motorcycle trip from Seattle to home in Palmer, Alaska. I had to fit everything in a bag about the size of a backpack… What a time that was. I did it though. I made sure I had a easy match wardrobe. Stuff that all worked color wise. I would suggest a long sleeve thermal/smartwool product or two, a hoodie if you like them. Bring a jacket for sure. Fall can be chilly in places so a hat or ear cover might be an idea. Keep a close eye on the weather but Alaska can be a tricky lass. She likes to fool you with her temperament of temperature. Plan for cool, bring for cooler. Make sure you bring a couple of pairs of good socks and a great pair of walking shoes. This is a beautiful state so even if you decide too bring no clothes or shoes bring a camera.

  2. Marcia Miller wrote on :

    Layering will be key. Also remember a pair of binoculars to get you up close and personal with the spectacular scenery and amazing animals.

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