I only wear makeup when dressing up, I am going on a cruise in May 2012 to the Caribbean and am anticipating humidity and possible perspiration. What makeup is the best to wear to look fresh while on the cruise in this situation?

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  1. Cindy Joseph wrote on :

    Less make up is best when out of doors and in the sun and water. You may find the first few days you want a little color that looks natural and once you have been in the sun and you are relaxed and active there will be no need to. A creamy, blush you can use for your lips, cheeks, upper forehead, and neck will give you that sun kissed look. I designed Boomstick Color for that look. It is the look a womans skin take on when she her circulation is revved up with pleasure. Glowing, blushed and happy. With a little moist color and a smile, you dont need anything else!

  2. Joan Ross wrote on :

    I normally wear make up when dressing up also. I like to use a tinted moisturizer that serves as a makeup. These protect skin, not greasy etc
    Oil of olay is one example. I also bought Dr Denese ( via QVC ) skin defense tinted moisturizer/makeup which I love and reordered several times. Then I use a soft powdered blush which I brush on. My daughter used to work as a makeup consulatant and remember to be dramatic for evening if you wish: Pump up the hair a bit, mascara on the eyes, blush on the cheecks, and lipstick.
    Emphasis either the eyes or lips, over doing both can be to much!

    And by the way, no one makeup will keep you fresh as a daisy and yes, use that tissue to blot your face if needed!

  3. casavon wrote on :

    If you don’t normally wear makeup on a daily basis, buy a few basic things now and practice if you intend to makeup every day on your trip. A light compact foundation helps eliminate the loose powder step, a powder blush and waterproof mascara will keep the dampness at bay and lip gloss will keep you looking fresh! Avon has all of these items and more. I sell Avon and try as many things as I can…for trips to sunny locations, I often wear only powder blush, a neutral shadow, liner and mascara. I keep lip gloss in my pocket so I can reapply frequently. We sell mini gloss sticks that take up NO space but do the trick! Happy travelling!

  4. Kari Solyntjes wrote on :

    Think lightweight and waterproof. Use a tinted moisturizer if you want all-over coverage, otherwise a bronzer to highlight the golden tan you will probably be getting. Use longwear eye shadows and long wear gel liner like the ones by Bobbi Brown – they stay put. And top with a waterproof mascara. I’d keep Boscia blotting papers handy too. They don’t mess up the makeup and can take away the excess shine.

  5. Gina Gina wrote on :

    I recommend Everlasting Liquid Foundation Spf 15 by AVON C-13 intro $9.99, with the matching mascara, eyeshadow, & lipstick/gloss

  6. Susan Hersh wrote on :

    It is best to stick w/ your make-up that you like & wear well. The trick will be for you to lightly blot your face w/ a paper towel (NOT toilet tissue because the fibers will stick to your face), and then using a powder brush #70 that is big & fluffy you will apply loose powder to cut away moisture or shiny skin.
    My two favorites below and used by professional make-up artists for photo shoots:
    Shu Uemura Colorless face powder matte w/ long lasting effects. http://www.shuuemura-usa.com/_us/_en/makeup/powder/powder-matte.htm
    Make Up For Ever HD powder- Sold in one universal shade & sets the foundation. It is talc-free & is a non-drying formula. It can be worn alone or applied over foundation. http://www.makeupforever.com/products/hd-powder.html
    Robert Jones Powder #70 brush http://www.robertjonesbeauty.com/rjb_brushes.htm

    To view beauty videos and interviews with professionals please visit:

    http://www.susanhersh.com or http://www.youtube.com/user/MeetTheExperts


  7. Maria Comfort wrote on :

    I find that Dinair airbrush makeup lasts in all weather conditions, and is especially good in humid air. It also stays on for more than 12 hours. Because of the pixelation of airbrushing your makeup, your skin is able to breathe.
    Another makeup that seems to have lasting effects would be a mineral makeup when used with a brush.
    Have a wonderful trip.

  8. traceybrown wrote on :

    Sounds like fun!
    I would suggest the following waterproof makeup tips:

    1. A tinted moisturizer –I love Fusion Beauty PrimeResults for a dewy finish
    or is your skin is oilier Dr. Brandt Pores No More Hint of Tint — these are found at Sephora
    Less expensive choices that you can find at your drugstore are Physician’s Formula and CoverGirl Smoothers
    I say tinted moisturizer because it provides a touch of color, moisturizer and SPF so your skin just looks fresh and not made up.

    2. Cheek Stain — These can be used on lips and cheeks and sometimes eyes. They are totally waterproof!
    My favorites are by Vapour Organic Beauty (vapourbeauty.com) and Tarte.

    3. There are several brands of waterproof eyeshadow if you choose to bump it up a notch with a little shimmer. I love Laura Mercier waterproof cream shadows. You literally just smear them on! Urban Decay has great stick pencil shadows as well as an awesome waterproof eyeliner pencil that I live for.

    4. For a touch of color, try Cargo Waterproof Bronzer. At Sephora.

    5, Of course waterproof mascara, your pick. But I am a L’Oreal Voluminous fan.

    6. Keep lots of lip gloss on hand!

    7. For body, I love Nuxe Dry Oil. You can use it on your body for sheen and hair. It’s lovely!

    8. If you happen to perspire a lot, DermaDoctor Med A Tate is a lifesaver. They are towelettes that dry up your perspiration for hours. I use them on the back of my neck because that where I just can’t seem to stay dry.

    I hope this helps and if you have any other questions about my recommendations I would be happy to help you.

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