I need to know what are the best things to take on a cruise?

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  1. Marcia Miller wrote on :

    Be sure to take a small handbag for use on board. It need to just be large enough to carry your sunglasses and cruise card. Also a wrap or sweater. Even in the most tropical climates it seems the public areas of ships are over-air-conditioned and you will freeze. I also like to take a pair of legging that can be used to work out or for lounging in my cabin. You can wear them on deck for breakfast and still look presentable.

  2. tiastephanie wrote on :

    Hello! Besides the normal things, such as good sunscreen, hat, good walking shoes, bathing suit, casual & comfortable clothes, I would also recommend focusing on what you will see & do in your ports of call. Depending on where you are going, maybe a good Moon Handbook for the region so that you will know something about your destination before and during your visit. This way you will be able to learn and appreciate a few things about Mexico’s history and present day treasures. If you know where your ports of call are, I’m happy to give you some pointers on what to do and see in these locations!

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