Where’s a great place for a 2-3 week fof to go alone to during the summer. Medical volunteering is also an option but would like suggestions of not too expensive exploring and meeting new people ( but having my own room is crucial. I have no other prerequisites, just need my own space at night.

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  1. Sheryl Kayne wrote on :

    Wounded Warrior Disabled Sports Project and Wounded Warrior Project (7020 A. C. Skinner Pkwy., Jacksonville, FL 32256; 1-877-TEAM-WWP; 904-296-7350; fax 904-296-7347; http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org). The Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) is a nonprofit organization that assists severely wounded men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces and eases their transition back into civilian life. WWP provides competitive sporting events in addition to many other services. Volunteers are needed at events and throughout the year for advocacy programs and fundraising.
    Disabled Sports USA (451 Hungerford Dr., Suite 100, Rockville, MD 20850; 301-217-0960; fax 301-217-0968; http://www.dsusa.org; information@dsusa.org). The Hartford Ski Spectacular is one of the largest winter sports festivals for people with physical disabilities. All ages are welcome and encouraged to enjoy snow sports made accessible by adaptive equipment and instruction from seasoned professionals and skilled volunteers. Kids and adults alike share fantastic fun on the slopes, regardless of the nature of a disability.
    Reconstructive Surgery for Disadvantaged Children,
    San Diego, CA: Fresh Start Surgical Gifts (2011 Palomar
    Airport Rd., Suite 206, Carlsbad, CA 92011; 1-888-551-1033;
    760-944-7774; fax 760-944-1729; http://www.freshstart.org;
    mimi@freshstart.org). Volunteer to spend a weekend providing
    reconstructive plastic surgery to children with physical
    deformities. The services, including dental and speech therapy,
    are free, and are all performed in San Diego. Surgery
    Weekends are offered seven times a year at a local surgery
    center. Fresh Start is a nonprofit organization that has been
    organizing Surgery Weekends in San Diego since 1991.
    Surgeons, dentists, orthodontists, nurses, medical
    technicians, and support staff are needed to provide disadvantaged
    children with high-quality medical services. Nonmedical
    volunteers are also needed help with patients and
    assist with office chores. In one Surgery Weekend, 10–15
    major surgeries will be performed along with minor surgeries,
    laser treatments, patient evaluations, and speech services.
    Dental support staff provides dental-health education as well.
    More than 575 volunteers participate in this program
    every year, and there is nothing as rewarding as using a
    vacation weekend to help children in need. The surgeries
    and support services enable children to communicate effectively
    and develop self-esteem, as well as correct craniofacial
    disorders. Medical and nonmedical volunteer
    applications are available on the Fresh Start Web site.

    Medical Support Services, Locations Across the
    Country: Medical Reserve Corps (Office of the Civilian
    Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps, Office of the Surgeon
    General, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,
    5600 Fishers Lane, Room 18C-14, Rockville, MD 20857;
    301-443-4951; fax 301-480-1163; http://www.medicalreserve
    corps.gov; MRCcontact@hhs.gov). If you are a practicing or
    retired medical professional (doctor, nurse, emergency
    medical technician, pharmacist, nurses’ assistant, dentist,
    public health professional, and others), consider volunteering
    with the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC).
    MRC partners with Citizen Corps (www.citizencorps
    .gov), a national network of volunteers dedicated to hometown
    security. It is part of the USA Freedom Corps (www
    .usafreedomcorps.gov), which promotes volunteerism and
    service. Although MRC units are locally based, MRC volunteers
    support communities in need nationwide.
    After the hurricanes in the Southeast in 2004, more
    than 30 MRC units contributed to the relief efforts at local
    hospitals and shelters and provided first aid to the injured.
    During the 2005 hurricane season, MRC members provided
    support for the American Red Cross and the U.S. Department
    of Health and Human Services, staffing shelters, community
    health centers, and clinics in the Gulf Coast region.
    The MRC Web site has an interactive map to search units
    by region or state. The MRC provides the opportunity to
    share your skills, belong to a group of dedicated, likeminded
    people, and qualify for free emergency response
    and public health training.
    Volunteers may also participate in public-health initiatives
    such flu vaccination clinics, diabetes screenings, and
    injury-prevention programs. Being trained and prepared to
    step in when first responders are overwhelmed by the
    immediate needs during an emergency is another very
    important part of the MRC volunteer experience. It is possible
    to make a minimal time commitment or contribute only during times of crisis.
    These immersion and volunteer vacation activities are all featured in my books
    Immersion Travel USA and Volunteer Vacations Across America
    Best, Sheryl Kayne
    author Immersion Travel USA and Volunteer Vacations Across America

  2. PatWalkerSF wrote on :

    Pat Walker here with The Cultural Explorer. We have an unique trip going in August – all across South Africa meeting interesting women. Even includes an eco-safari. Its a small group of interesting travelers – and while this trip is not a volunteer trip we look at what local women are doing in their communities to make a difference. Most of our travelers are adventurous, single, older fabulous women. Check out our website. Pat

  3. aztrails wrote on :

    Hi Carrie
    I work a lot with single travelers. One suggestion would be to find an escorted tour that interests you can book that as a single. You will pay the single supplement to have a room of your own, but it gives you the opportunity to meet a lot of other travelers and usually there will be a combination of other single women, mothers and daughters, couples and families, so a nice mixed group. Central America is a good place to start if you want to keep it reasonably priced, or even a tour in our country to the National Parks could be very enjoyable with someone else doing the driving and arranging your activities. They also include a reasonable amount of free time. If I can assist, please feel free to contact me. Thanks

    • carrie stein wrote on :

      Thank you so much for the reply. I’ll check out your website and be in touch

  4. carrie stein wrote on :

    Would you by chance have any names of travel agencies or NGOs that I could look up. I know there are many, but a lot of them are travel agencies posing as “volunteer placements”. They charge you a fortune and give very little to the charity. Alternatively I would go somewhere alone just on vacation if I knew of a reputable agency that would give me some suggestions for singles our age. Thanks so much for the reply.

  5. Travelbydesign wrote on :

    you could do a volunteer vacation there are many choices out there. It just depends what your interests are, I like South America Peru, Argentina…

    • carrie stein wrote on :

      Do you happen to know the names of any of these organizations?

    • Travelbydesign wrote on :

      Cross Cultural Solutions is very reputable however you can google volunteer vacations. They are many with different focuses so again it depends what tour interests are. It could be horticulture, animals religious based…

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