What is the best way to get bumped to first class on an international flight?

3 Answers

  1. Jaki Scarcello wrote on :

    I fly a lot internationally and I have never seen or heard of an upgrade to first class. What does happen is upgrades to business.
    These upf
    Grades can be purchased with airmiles prior to the day of the flight or you may recive a free one if the airline needs your sat for some reason
    So if you are in an exit row or in a bulkhead you may get bumped and with any luck you will get an upgrade.
    Upgrades are much more likely to happen to people who are frequent fliers and have frequent flier cards at above the basic level e.g.silver or gold status
    Also upgrades from economy are more likely to happen if you are in economy plus which many airlines now offer…bigger seats with footrests but same food
    My comments are from my experience and observations not airline policy

  2. Travelbydesign wrote on :

    sadly there is no way

  3. mary keselowsky wrote on :

    I think it is very difficult to get a free upgrade internationally. However, they may have discounted miles or dollar upgrades available on the day of travel.

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