Is there an online resource for beginner yoga that I can start on my own? Or perhaps an easy video series? After resisting for so long I’m thinking yoga may help me after all.

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  1. shay mckelvey wrote on :

    Hi Kelly – I also resisted yoga. Just not enough time in my life. I needed to review some yoga classes for my business (BFitSanDiego) about 6 months ago. I dreaded going….but fell in love with it. Like Karen said, there are many different types of yoga practice. Hatha is quiet stretching, Yin is deep stretching, Vinyasa is a series of poses (& can be quiet vigouros)…and then there’s the hot yogas. My suggestion is to find a yoga center close to your home and try a few diffeernt types of classes. Many studios will have a beginner’s discount, or even a week of free classes. Once you decide on which class you enjoy the most, it will be much easier to choose a DVD to use at home. But, I’m guessing you’ll find you enjoy the serenity of the right yoga studio. Either way, give it a try. There is something very special about “mindful” exercise.
    Be Your Best,

    • KelleyG wrote on :

      Thanks for the perspectives everyone you’ve been extremely helpful and saved me hours of research time. And you’re right I’m very time crunched but know that my life is missing something crucial although I get regular cardio it’s not enough. There are many yoga studios in my neighbourhood so I’ll give them a try and then decide on a path as suggested. Serenity is definitely what I’m looking for! Your insight has really helped too!!

    • PKW wrote on :

      I enjoy going to different classes for Yoga – as well as the Wii Fit Yoga.

  2. marcy lynch wrote on :

    I second the Yodney Yee am yoga. Any of his DVD’s are easy to follow and he offers simple and advanced options. Have fun – and give it at least 3 to 4 times to start to feel the benefit.

  3. ann weaver wrote on :

    re: Rodney Yee and AM Yoga
    from Amazon.com
    Rodney Yee was a professional ballet dancer who later studied Iyengar yoga. He travels nationally and internationally to teach workshops, teacher trainings and retreats. Rodney has been designing and performing in Gaiam programs for over 10 years. He has been featured on Oprah and other national programs.

  4. Tammy Wise wrote on :

    Here is a beautiful site for beginner on line yoga support. You can sample exercises, become a member, and purchase videos. Congratulations on getting started! http://www.myyogaonline.com/videos/beginner-yoga
    If you have interest in mind body fitness you might also check out
    Here you will find a video with 3 half hour workouts that includes a Dynaband.

  5. avonlady wrote on :

    Go to findlawrence.com. Lawrence Biscontini is a very excellent yoga master and has lots of excellent DVD’s and online help for beg yoga students. I’m a yoga instructor of beg yoga and I’ve been to his workshops and it is such a great experience.

  6. MaryJayne Johnson wrote on :

    Hello Kelly,
    I think you will really enjoy yoga – congratulations on your decision to begin. As with any form of exercise recommending a DVD is difficult without actually knowing your specific needs and how the DVD has been developed. For safety reasons I would really recommend looking for a studio or yoga teacher who is Registered with the Yoga Alliance. This guarantees they have undergone a certain amount of training and continuing education. Doing a class “live and in person” allows you to ask questions, and allows the teacher to be able to see you and provide specific cues, adjustments and corrections.
    However, if a DVD is the only option, I would agree with Karen, Yoga Journal should have some reasonable DVDs. Look for a beginning level and once again the Yoga Alliance Registry.
    Good Luck & Namaste

  7. ann weaver wrote on :

    I love Rodney Yee’s “AM Yoga” dvd to start the day. It has easy moves that can help you decide if yoga is for you. Got mine on Amazon. Go for it!

    • KelleyG wrote on :

      Thanks to you both, I’ll check the library and Rodney Yee. Last night I started with some quiet time and some centering. I’m looking forward to adding a new dimension to my life!

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