I have been taking hormones for several years. My doctor thinks it time for me to stop using hormones (and I agree). HOWEVER, when I stop using them m fact breaks out. Does anyone have a solution for this problem???

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  1. Cynthia Bailey MD wrote on :

    Hormonal acne is so tricky and every woman’s body responds differently to the addition or withdrawal of hormones. When I have a patient with this problem I like to get a good topical regimen in place and counsel them on diet so we have as many healthy and natural factors working for us first.
    ( http://www.drbaileyskincare.com/blog/4-diet-changes-that-can-improve-your-acne-dermatologists-advice-2/ ). This will hopefully mitigating some of the breakouts while the hormones are withdrawn. Because there are many different kinds of acne a specific diagnosis from a dermatologist is a good idea so that the right topical treatment is put into place to keep the skin from being so acne prone. It’s important to differentiate whether this is hormonal acne, which is usually random big cysts, or whether the hormones were helping suppress one of the other types of acne such as pityrosporum folliculitis.

    I find that usually when a woman’s own hormones stabilize her skin settles down. This can take months so we need a strategy to respond to breakouts until then. One option I use is to give my patients an antibiotic to take when a breakout erupts. I also have them come in and I inject any cysts with a little cortisone to keep the cysts from getting big and leaving a mark. Once the hormones stabilize and the skin settles down then often all that’s needed to keep the skin clear is a good topical treatment regimen. Ideally this would be one that includes products that also have anti-aging benefits such as tretinoin, glycolic acid and maybe even some facials or skin peels etc.

  2. drjosie wrote on :

    There are a number of options that you may try. The first is controversial, but an option if the quality of your live is also affected when you stop hormones. This option is switching to Bio-identical hormones which some doctors believe are safer than conventional pharmaceutical drug formulations. If that is not comfortable for you, an anti-testosterone medication – spironolactone can be helpful, as is the generic version of a prescription vitamin – Nicomide. This product contains niacinamide (a B vitamin), zinc , copper and folic acid. Finally see you skincare doctor as changing some of the topical acne treatments can also be helpful.

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