What is the best exercises for women over 50 in pretty decent shape. Is it strenuous types or yoga/pilates. Want to know best way to just tone.

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  1. Tannis Kobrinsky wrote on :

    Pilates and yoga are fab for strengthening, stretching and toning at any age, and especially when you’re over 50. I have clients as old as 90 who started Pilates in their 80s and are stronger and more stretched now than they’ve ever been. Yoga and Pilates both increase bone density through weight bearing, isometric movement. Add working on Pilates equipment and you’ve got the plus of spring resistance for strength and stretch work. That said – recent studies show that women over 45 must get their heart rates up for extended periods of time for heart health. Do things you enjoy – fast walking, dancing, swimming, running, a few times weekly for the sake of your heart health. If you’re interested I do have a Pilates DVD in the marketplace for people 40 and up – and there are lots of other wonderful workout DVDS available so you can exercise conveniently at home and when you travel.

  2. Ann Rosenstein wrote on :

    The best exercise is the one you will do and do consistently. Cardio exercise is important to maintain a healthy weight and to support our cardio-vascular health. However, as we age, we lose muscle mass so strength training with fairly heavy weights is highly recommended. Heavy weights mean you use enough to challenge and fatigue your muscles – at least 10 lb dumbbells. I teach weight training classes and too many women gravitate to the lightest body bars and weights. If the weight you use isn’t a challenge, it won’t do very much for you. Toning usually means we don’t want to bulk up which you won’t. Women don’t have enough testosterone to bulk up. The best way to tone is to lift weights that challenge your muscles and do numerous reps (12-20) for each exercise. You may want to check my website at http://www.dietfitnessdiva.com for more information about toning and other exercise programs.

  3. MaryJayne Johnson wrote on :

    As we age it becomes so much more challenging to maintain muscle mass and stay in shape. We really have to exercise most days of the week. The key is finding a balance that works for you. So the best exercise is the one you will do! Of course our muscles need some kind of resistance training to prevent muscle wasting. We also have to pay attention the heart muscle as well which involves some sort of aerobic exercise. Combining this with Yoga or Pilates can provide a well rounded routine. The HOT news in fitness these days is high intensity interval training involving some sort of resistance exercise. Most health clubs have incorporated this in their group exercise schedule. You may be able to find a class at a club near you.
    As for me, I combine Ashtanga Yoga, Pilates, and Hiking.
    Also remember that what is fun and exciting for you today may feel differently in a month, or a year. Keep exploring those movement activities that bring you joy and help you feel good about yourself.
    Good Luck!

  4. rosie battista wrote on :

    Keep active and keep it fun. This way you will do it. Strength training with the weights is my favorite. But I also would suggest throwing in yoga as well. Variety is the spice of life. Most of all fall in love with what you do so that you consistently stick with it.

  5. Jillian Hessel wrote on :

    I think the best exercise to tone is Pilates. It can be gentle or strenuous, depending on your approach and intensity. As we age, we REALLY need to stretch, as well as maintain muscle conditioning and bone density. Pilates does it ALL! Just make sure you find a decent instructor in your area if you are new to the technique.

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