I am a size 22 womans petite and want leisure clothing that truly fits and not in black or navy any ideas and also jean shorts for gardening please

6 Answers

  1. Lisa C. wrote on :

    kayMI, I’m going to send you to a Polyvore set. The vendors here have some great plus size clothing online. http://bit.ly/kw2oIk. Jones New York also has some good stuff right now, as does Eileen Fisher. Lucie Lu gets rave reviews. I didn’t see any denim shorts, per se, but browse these sites and I hope you find what you are looking for. http://www.lucielu.com/Plus-Size-Denim-s/8.htm.

  2. Marsha Harris wrote on :

    I know it’s very difficult to find style in all sizes, but you might try Coldwater Creek, online or in the stores. They have really lovely things with lots of color and nothing is extremely dressy. They have an sales outlet online where you can find amazing bargains. Hope this helps, Kay. xx’s

  3. mzloveyd1 wrote on :

    ok. so i was in kmart the other day looking for a dress for a girlfriend in size 22 and found the cutest everyday wear at the greatest prices. Highly styled in fun summer colors.. also great summer accents to go with …..Of course there is saks online and neimans but seriously… not as cute as Kmart….. I was surprised, you will be too…. remember…love is not blind, always look your best

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