Does anyone know proper ettiquette for women wearing hats while visiting a Catholic church? I have my own theory that if it is a sunhat or hat for warmth worn outside, then it comes off. If it is part of your ensemble ie. a pillbox matching your suit, it stays on. Any other thoughts out there?

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  1. bookowl wrote on :

    Hi there – cradle Catholic here 🙂
    The tradition pre-1964 was for women to always have a head covering on in church – after Vatican II, that requirement was removed. I’d say if you’re wearing a hat styled with your outfit, keep it on! If by ‘sunhat’ you mean something like a baseball cap, take it off – would look a bit disrespectful to be that casual (same for a winter hat for warmth.) If it’s a straw sun hat or something like that, it can stay on.

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