Where is a good place (online) to buy costume jewelry?

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12 Answers

  1. lderector@gmail.com wrote on :

    There is a wonderful store in New York, called Fabrizio Giannone…check on line at
    semi precious stone designed and made in Brazil..FANTASTIC !

  2. Lee Baker wrote on :

    I have bought from jewelmint.com and gilt.com. Even my daughters love the jewelry that I buy for them from those websites.

  3. Cindy B. Henderson wrote on :

    EBay! I’ve snagged some amazing deals on old screw-on earrings, old pendants and necklaces. Some sellers overprice, some are priced right…but I don’t want to pay much and some sellers just think it’s junk and let it go for pennies!! Search for keywords like old and broken, not antique and vintage. I go to time ending soon, scroll down quickly, put minimum bids on things I like and usually win a couple. I use some of the damaged pieces for crafts or with very little effort fix some. Good Luck!

  4. Belinda Boyles wrote on :

    just type in the specifics of exactly what you’re looking for, and you’ll find it!

    • PKW wrote on :

      I like monsoon’s

  5. Mary Montgomery wrote on :

    There is a plethera of places to visit and shop. http://www.tarajamu.etsy.com is my site but there are thousands of other jewelry designers on etsy.com check us out. You never know what you might find from costume to fine jewelry, silver semi precious and healing gemstones. Happy Shopping

  6. PattyBuccellato wrote on :

    SGS224 – I, too, suggest http://www.etsy.com/ and http://www.bluefly.com/ when you have a sense of what you’re looking for. Some shoppers find large sites to be overwhelming. If you happen to be one of these, I recommend finding a boutique line you’re attracted to. Check out http://tracyjanejewelry.com for transitional styling and a variety of materials (semi-precious stones, glass, metals, crystal, pearls). A word of caution: the item descriptions are brief (but the pieces are yummy!) Another line I love to shop for myself and clients is http://www.jillbeads.com. Though not available for ordering direct from JillBeads’ site, you may find it worth your time to inquire about vendors in your area, or otherwise, who sell online. Best of shopping to you!

  7. mzloveyd1 wrote on :

    i love jennifer miller… her pieces can be trendy and then she also has very classic, which are great for travel… or eveyday. She also does some great specials and they are always current items. Jen also does pop up road shows in hotels check her schedule to see if there will be one coming your way. You never know. You get to try everything on and they will send you the new item within 24 to 48 hours…I cant get enough of her things… All prices, not to worry about finding the right item, thats for sure!!

  8. Lori Ann Robinson wrote on :

    My fav’s- bluefly.com, look at ebay if you know your merchandise and etsy also nordstrom.com and bloomindales.com. Good luck and happy shopping 🙂

  9. Terry Foster wrote on :

    Try Etsy….great shops for costume jewelry. My show too which is almost empty because I sold out all to one buyer.

  10. Sally Hilkene wrote on :

    http://www.ShopAtChurchill.com is a great website to purchase costume jewelry. Voted top three coolest stores in the USA.

    • MichelleRose wrote on :

      I went on the site and it really is ‘cool’..wonderful collection. How can I go about showing you the jewelry that I manufacture? Desperate Housewives & CSI liked it enough to buy.

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