Any recommendations for a great internist who is familiar with diabetes in Central New Jersey?

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  1. Michelle Davidson wrote on :

    Being a diabetic myself, I struggled to find appropriate care to get my condition in shape. Not that I want to sound smug, but the best doctors are in New York. After spending months of searching I was priviledged to become a patient at the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center at Columbia University Medical Center – http://www.nbdiabetes.org/ The care and attention plus results I have gotten are unmeasurable. This is a dangerous disease. Don’t waste time! See the experts

    • sharon villalobos wrote on :

      I will certainly check it to this. I am formerly from NY and I know this to be true. However, I still need to find someone closer (I’m about 2-21/2 hours away from NYC). I thought that I could do this on my own since I have a health care background but I need help from the experts. Thank You.

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