I have an issue affecting my sex life & has my husband questioning my faithfulness. Until recently my vagina was tight. Now he says my vagina is loose & does not feel good. Is this normal, what is the reason for this change? Is there anything that can be done that will make vaginal sex enjoyable?

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  1. mermaide100 wrote on :

    I think that your issues with your husband are not related to your vaginal tightness, and he will find something else to prove his accusations. I suggest therapy and fast. He sounds like a very jealous man. Please remember that your vagina is yours, not his, and does not have to meet his criteria. Frankly, your issue is very worrisome

  2. kemoRN wrote on :

    Yes, normal aging changes the vagina. As mentioned by other FOFs, so does vaginal childbirth and the number of vaginal childbirths. My concern for you is that your husband questions your faithfulness? Red flags are shooting up here. He needs to be taught about normal aging changes. He’ll have them too, and most likely does! Male penises change with aging. They do not achieve the rigidity or length they once did in their younger days. Plus men and their parts will have decrease in sensations, less feeling ability. These changes can cause them to perceive that your vagina is “looser and doesn’t feel as good.” Changes in hormones in both men and women are responsible for these normal aging differences. What you both can do together, is learn about the normal aging changes, then talk about them, openly and honestly. Through your education process you will also find many recommendations from experts about how to make sex both pleasurable and intimate, thus more meaningful for both of you.

  3. CandidaRoyalle wrote on :

    There are a number of things that can effect the vaginal muscles. Generally they are giving birth, providing it’s regular birth through the vaginal canal, and sexual inactivity (which would certainly eliminate the idea that it’s because of being unfaithful!). After a woman gives birth it’s important for her to exercise her vaginal muscles in order to restrengthen them and get back the original tone. As long as we use our vaginal muscles, also known as the PC (pubococcygeal) or pelvic floor muscles, whether it be through partner sex or masturbation, our muslces tend to stay strong and fit. Remaining sexually active can actually help stave off many of the effects of aging, including weakening PC muscles, thinning of the vaginal lining that leads to pain with intercourse, and eventually, poor bladder control. It’s extremely important to work these muscles in order to maintain vaginal health. Doing Kegels will indeed help you regain your vaginal tone, but adding a weight bearing exerciser will make your muscles work even harder and bring faster results. Depending on the condition of your PC muscles it can take as little as five to ten minutes a day to see results. The important thing, as with any exercise routine, is to do it consistently. Eventually you may only have to do these exercises once a week for ten minutes for maintenance. The extra perk is that the stronger your vaginal muscles the more sensation you’ll feel. Women report more pleasure and stronger orgasms after repeatedly doing their Kegel exercises. There are a number of vaginal “barbells” on the market. Take a look at the Natural Contours ÉNERGIE (http://www.naturalcontours.com). It’s a smooth sleek barbell with an ergonomically designed curve that makes it comfortable and easy to use. It weights just under a pound in order to give you just the right amount of weight resistence. (Full disclosure: I’m the proud co-creator of the Natural Contours line of discreet, stylish intimate products.) And I repeat: it’s important to maintain your vaginal health with or without a partner. And not having a partner does not mean you should go without pleasure. Being without a partner at the moment I keep a weekly date with myself to do my Kegel exercises with my ÉNERGIE and then top it off with a nice little session of self-pleasuring. Keeps me healthy and ready in case that special someone comes along!

  4. lea_avon wrote on :

    One of the ‘joys’ of getting older is a decrease in estrogen production which can cause this problem. You may want to check with your doctor. Estrogen patches can help with this and I don’t believe they have been linked to any of the problems that come from the estrogen pills. There’s always Kegel exercises, too. There’s an excellent article on how to do them on the Mayo Clinic website. Good luck!

  5. GayleeDee wrote on :

    Muscle tone deteriorates with age, so do your Kegel exercises. They work for men, too. There’s all the new lotions and potions on the market now, too.

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