In the past three years I have lost a lot of weight and that topped with the ever present aging process has me looking like cotton fabric just out of the dryer, all wrinkled. Is there a product or some techinque I can do at home to tighten up the skin on my face. I don’t want to do Botox

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  1. Staness Jonekos wrote on :

    Congrats on your weight loss!

    Keeping hydrated and daily exercise can help. Exercise improves circulation, clears pores, benefits your skin by stimulating the growth of new muscle fibers. These muscle fibers create new opportunities for your skin to attach itself to the muscles, thus pulling your skin closer to your muscle and tightening it.

    Apply a moisturizing lotion twice daily, preferably one with cocoa butter or coconut oil. Loose skin occurs when your body mass changes faster than your skin’s elasticity can make adjustments. Applying a lotion frequently will improve your skin’s ability to adapt, helping it tighten as you lose weight. This is essential when you are in the process of losing weight, and it also helps after the weight is lost.

    To maintain overall healthy skin, experts recommend the following:

    -Drink plenty of water — it’s important to keep skin hydrated.
    -Avoid smoking — it’s one of the primary causes of skin wrinkling.
    -Avoid excess coffee, tea, and caffeinated soft drinks — their diuretic action decreases hydration.
    -Avoid excessive alcohol consumption.
    -Get adequate exercise and sleep.
    -Avoid stress.
    -Smile! Underlying muscle mass acts as a skin filler to reduce sagging, especially on the face; exercising the facial muscles will add bulk.

    I wish there was a magic potion, women ask me all the time about how to tighten up their skin after weight loss. There are some laser skin tightening options that can help, but they are expensive. Here is some great information on the laser option:


    Hope this helps 🙂

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