Does anyone know a good pilates DVD or video to do at home?

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  1. Jillian Hessel wrote on :

    There are LOTS of Pilates DVD’s out there, and I would say that it depends on your fitness level and body/mind connection as to where you want to start. There are also LOTS of hybrid/fusion workouts that blend Pilates with other movement disciplines. Strict Pilates is not done to music, for example, since it uses the rythm of the breath to set the pace, but many DVD’s have music blended in to keep up the interest and flow. Check out Pilatesanytime.com to download a workout before purchasing. If you are an absolute beginner, I have a Pilates multi media kit available with a beginner DVD & Book, as well as many other titles on my website at : http://www.jillianhessel.com. Good luck with your exploration of Pilates–it is a lifelong pursuit, and one you can grown comfortably old & stay fit with!

  2. MaryJayne Johnson wrote on :

    YES! I have two and one more on the way!
    If you have not been doing Pilates thus far or would consider yourself a beginner. I definitely recommend “foundations of pilates”
    You can even download it to your iphone!
    If you are a veteran Pilates student and are looking for a challenge try “Pilates on the Foam Roll”. Check them out at
    Good luck!

  3. Tannis Kobrinsky wrote on :

    Actually I have an award winning Pilates DVD available – WELL worked out with Tannis. Pilates Style magazine picked it as one of their top ten favorites of 2010 and gave it the “most user friendly DVD of the year” award. The L.A. Times health section recommends it too. It’s available on Amazon.com and also on my website http://www.healthabitravels.com. You may want to consider it. – Tannis

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