We are having an engagement party with minors as the engaged couple. What ideas do you have to serve for a toast that is different than sparkling cider or grape juice. Any ideas?

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32 Answers

  1. Kim Barnes wrote on :

    Ginger Ale is always nice! Or maybe a drink like 7-up that has heart ice cubes…with red berries in them…raspberries.

  2. Debra Bachelder wrote on :

    Whatever you serve, before you make the punch, take a bundt pan (ring) and fill with water (or another clear or light color flavored liquid) and edible flowers and freeze. Remove the frozen floral ring from the pan and float the floral ring in the punch to keep it cold and make it beautiful.

  3. cheryl heisler wrote on :

    To keep with tradition (and stay within the law!) I might try a “mock-up” of a classic champagne cocktail. Take a sugar cube, add 1-2 drops of bitters (a liquid herb mixture available at most liquor stores), and place them in the bottom of a champagne glass. Fill with something bubbly–like a dry ginger ale–and then add a lemon twist to collapse some of the foam. Festive and still very appropriate. Enjoy!

  4. janeenobrien wrote on :

    How about chocolate shakes or slurppees

  5. Teri Rasey wrote on :

    Ikea has several sparkling non-alcoholic drinks that are very tasty. If you don’t have an Ikea close, Ocean Spray has come out with new sparkling cranberry juice. You can make non-alcoholic mimosas by using 1 ounce orange juice concentrate, 4 teaspoons fresh lemon juice, 1 8.4-ounce can Ocean Spray® Sparkling cranberry Juice chilled. This would make two for the special couple. If you need more for other minors just adjust your ingredients accordingly. The adults could have the same look and taste using Triple Sec instead of orange juice concentrate, and everyone will be toasting with the same drink. I hope this gives you several options.

  6. Darinda Huntley wrote on :

    There are many sparkling fruit juices available now. Some are mainstream brands such as Ocean Spray. But there are many others. I love the Central Market sparkling fruit juices. I also second the notion of Ginger Beer, but plain Ginger Ale is good too. I think Vernor’s has a wonderful gingery taste if you want that zippy taste in addition to the pretty bubbles.

  7. Barbara Luke wrote on :

    A toast is all about what is being said and by whom, not what you are drinking.
    Ask your guest to toast with what ever drink they have. It also saves you money on drinks people never seem to finish.

  8. Debbie Nye wrote on :

    There are various brands of nonalcoholic wine sand champagnes available, check with your local state or liquor store. Some may be available at super store such as Walmart. Good luck and Congrats!

  9. Marcia Robinson wrote on :

    Virgin Mary’s are a good idea. Same as Bloody Mary’s except no alcohol. And, because it can be a bit spicey, you’d never know the alcohol was missing.

  10. RitaMimi King wrote on :

    There are wonderful sparkling Italian sodas in many different flavors. You can find these at the World Market or even at Target. Of course, there is always gingerale!

  11. Jaki Scarcello wrote on :

    The latest edition of Fine Cooking magazine has a great article on “waters” various drinks made from fruit, e.g blackberry and basil or watermelon and sorry, can’t remember…but it is great . If you add sparkling water to them they will make great “cocktails” for toasting. serve them in champagne flutes or martini glasses
    Have a great time,

  12. Annamarie Dodge wrote on :

    you could make a non alcoholic shirley temple of lemon lime soda, pineapple juice and maraschino cherry juice

  13. Kathy Watson wrote on :

    I would try the sherbert/7 up blended drink

  14. Lisa Eskelin wrote on :

    You could do a pink lemonade with our without seltzer-freeze a few raspberries or small strawberries for the glasses. Like the syrup idea, but if you don’t have time or desire to do that,just go for something simple.

  15. Carol Stark wrote on :

    A Virgin Cosmopolitan served in Martini Glasses will always make someone underaged feel all grown up. Try: •1 Oz Tonic Water
    •1/2 Oz Citrus Juice
    •1/2 Oz Lime Juice
    •1/2 Oz Cranberry Juice
    And Good luck to the happy couple!

  16. Constance Snow wrote on :

    You can often find ice cube trays in fun shapes, maybe even wedding bells or hearts. Freeze the ice cubes with a raspberry or a cherry inside. Bubbles are a must, so serve Sprite or Ginger Ale with the festive ice cubes. Definitely use champagne style glasses. CHEERS!

  17. Barbara Torris wrote on :

    There are some wonderful punch ideas…raspberry sherbet, frozen berries, sparkling water or 7-UP with floating ice shaped like hearts etc. When served in a gorgeous punch bowl that you can rent or borrow from a relative it can be stunning.

    Isn’t it interesting that I had to think about that…things have changed so much in recent years. I actually had never been to a engagement party or shower where alcohol was served until about 10 years ago. Good luck.



  18. Jeanne Datz Rice wrote on :

    Hmmmm – any cocktail can be made without the alcohol – so let your imagination run – is there a theme for the engagement party? Perhaps the party planner can come up with a custom cocktail – sans the alcohol – for everyone to enjoy. For instance – if the party is a Hawaiian theme – you can offer the famous ‘Blue Hawaii’ cocktail – without the rum – but, do include the pineapple, cherries and don’t forget the cute paper umbrella! Have fun – aloha,

    • Susan Jacobson wrote on :

      Mmm… that sounds great. As far as the above answers, this is being held in our Green Valley park in Payson here. I had to get a liquor license and I know there will be police around possibly.

    • Barbara Torris wrote on :

      Well if you do it the right way (no alchohol) you will enjoy yourself a lot more anyway! Have so much fun.

  19. Carole Egler wrote on :

    My suggestion is to prepare a pretty punch. Mix sprite, ginger ale or 7 up with cranberry juice and/or fresh lemon aide.pre freeze Merichino cherries and pineapple tidbits in ice cube trays ahead of time to add to the beverage mixture. Right before serving, add scoops of sherbet. looks delicious and it IS delicious! (drool)

  20. Nina Witham wrote on :

    My best is half sprite half hawain punch. I freeze cherry koolaid ice cubes to keep it cold and always a hit with adults and kids. Congrats!

  21. patricia mcnew wrote on :

    i have alway used vanillia ice cream , pineapple juice , ginger ale always has worked for kids, if they dont like pineapple try some other juice

  22. Joan Ross wrote on :

    I do this peach punch which is wonderful. Into a punch bowl: 1 qt peach nectar, 1 can cling peaches with the juice, 1/4 cup grenadine syrup, 1 bottle ginger ale, 1 box of frozen raspberries.

  23. Carolyn Wispe Burns wrote on :

    I agree with Jyl!! If you are not having this party in a public location, the minors can be served a champagne toast. Ginger Beer (non-alcoholic) is really tasty and looks like champagne. Good Luck to all.

    • Susan Jacobson wrote on :

      This engagement party was held at the Green Valley park in PAyson Arizona. I had to get an alcohol permit. We ended up having Jones soda in the colors that the wedding will be. I made labels with Elle & Cody and oput them on the bottles. Thank you all for your answers. They were all great and for future information also.

  24. Sandra Rittenhouse wrote on :

    The simply syrups ideas previously posted are great…but if you want something super easy, try doing a cranberry juice sparkler…Easy to do with cranberry juice, sparkling water and a dash of lime. Since this is for a toast I’d do it as a punch and then ladle into Cups or prechill both the juice and the sparkling water …then pour the cranberry juice into champagne flutes and add the sparkling water…the ratio is 4:1 juice:water..

  25. gerdi scheffler wrote on :

    Ginger Ale, very chilled, mixed with peach nectar, orange and lemon juice makes a tasty non-alcoholic cocktail.

  26. Jackie Mutschler wrote on :

    How about the flavored sparking waters?

  27. Marcia Reed wrote on :

    I am not a drinker myself and so, have many occasions to “toast” non-alcoholically. Anything bubbly works! I happen to love tonic water, so that’s what’s in my glass when those around me are imbibing the traditional bubbly…

  28. Cathy Barrow wrote on :

    Why not make a number of fruit flavored simple syrups and top them with seltzer? I’ve been enjoying a rhubarb syrup (boil 2c chopped fresh rhubarb, 1 c sugar and 1 cup water for ten minutes. Strain through cheesecloth lined strainer. Add 2 T to a glass of seltzer and stir. Another one? Lemon slices, ginger slices, and mint leaves plissé 1 c each water and sugar. Or rosemary and peaches. Or strawberries with basil.

  29. Jyl Ferris wrote on :

    Kinda funny. If they’re old enough to get married can’t they have champagne? Anyway, what I love to do when I have a party is to make simple syrups with fresh ingredients. Try raspberries, ginger, lemon, basil, green tea either alone or in combination. Boil the fruit down with one part sugar to two parts water. The syrup can be mixed with seltzer or liquor. For an extra punch add a dollop of sorbet.

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