does anyone know what happened to “date my single kid”? I never received any responsed from my postings. Also, any suggestions about dating services in the New York/New Jersey area that legitimate and deals with matches for professionals? Thanks for your help

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  1. doris sullivan wrote on :

    I just saw this..but Im glad it went away. There were some moms and kids on there who were fine, but there were also several scam artists (one lovely girl named Stephanie)…who never would talk to my son on skype, never would give a phone number, but always asked him to send her something. Con artist and my son was fortunate to realize it within the first month. So unless people are vetted, proven to be real, there should be no dating site. But it was fun with the people who were real.

  2. nidradeb wrote on :

    Hi Marcia,
    for NY/NJ there are a couple of match making services – Janis Spindel has quite a following. I have also talked with, but never used, “It’s just lunch.” Both are pricey, but that culls the market to only those that can afford it. Good luck!

  3. Srsly Mom wrote on :

    Ratz! Did it go away??

  4. Belinda Boyles wrote on :

    Hi – I have no idea about the ‘date my kid’ feature on here and unfortunately can’t be of much help about New York or New Jersey services as I’m in Arizona and only really know the California/Nevada/Arizona marketplaces. You could try using Google and put in the words ‘Matchmaker’ or ‘Professional Dating Service’ or something similar and see what comes up. Always screen any potential service in person and check with the BBB before giving anyone money.
    Best of luck to you in your search!

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