i live in houston, texas. I am looking for kitty homes. Are there any ladies in my area that would like to adopt darling rescue kittens?
I will cover all vetting/spay/neuter. These sweet kittens are 8 weeks old, healthy, tame and playful.Please share this plea. These babies need homes! Thanks

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  1. Eileen Davis wrote on :

    my dear I empathize. Living in DC we have a huge overpopulation problem. We started a cat rescue group locally and it has turned into a beautiful thing: http://www.tailshigh.org
    Advertise wherever you can: local pet shops, craig’s list, local vets; the bulletin board at Whole Foods; your local neighborhood newspaper or listserve; try to find a small local cat rescue/adoption group (not a huge kill-shelter!) And good luck right here too with FOF. Smart lady!

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